Crowns & Bridges

When teeth decay to the point where their surface can no longer be repaired with fillings, dental crowns or bridges become necessary. Crowns and bridges are ceramic caps placed over a damaged tooth to protect and restore it, and are crafted to match your teeth’s unique color and shape.

Dental Crowns and Bridges – What To Expect

Your crown appointment starts with your dentist removing the damaged portion of your tooth and shaping the remaining healthy tooth to receive the crown.

Downtown Dental Group has invested in digital technology that makes crown appointments much more comfortable and convenient for our patients. After your tooth is prepped, we take an impression to ensure the crown fits securely and naturally. In most cases, we use a digital scanner that takes 3-D images of your teeth, eliminating the need for messy bite trays and impression media. Most single-tooth crowns can be created in our office, allowing you to receive your crown in a single appointment.

Single-appointment crown appointments typically take about two hours, though some of that is spent waiting for our digital mill to produce your custom crown. More complex cases may require two appointments and crowns and bridges to be made by a lab.