Dental Cleaning & Hygeine

Your dental cleaning and hygiene appointment is the foundation of your plan for optimal oral health. Scheduled every six months, it offers more than just a chance for our experienced hygienists to remove the plaque that leads to tartar buildup.

Dental Cleaning and Hygiene Appointment – What To Expect

After plaque and tartar removal, the hygienist cleans your teeth with a high-powered electric brush, and completes the dental cleaning with a professional flossing. Your hygiene appointment wraps up with a liquid fluoride treatment to help restore your teeth’s natural enamel to full strength.

  • Make sure not to eat for an hour following your fluoride treatment

This appointment also allows Dr. Hall or Dr. Winter to check in on your overall oral health. A visit allows the dentist to check for cavities and periodontal problems, and may reveal a need for additional treatment.

If you require additional procedures, our dentists discuss your oral health, treatment options and costs. All DDG patients are fully informed about their oral health and make their own decisions about their treatment.