TMJ & Nightguards

Grinding your teeth at night is a bigger problem than you may realize. Teeth grinding, known as bruxism, wears down enamel and destroys crowns and other dental work. It can also lead to TMJ, painful inflammation of jaw muscles, or disturb your sleep. Nightguards are a comfortable and affordable way to protect your teeth against bruxism.

A nightguard is a custom-fitted appliance you wear while you sleep that keeps your teeth from grinding at night. Similar to an athletic mouthpiece, custom nightguards are manufactured to fit your personal anatomy and are flexible, thin and comfortable enough to wear while sleeping.

TMJ and Nightguards – What To Expect

In order to create a custom-fit, comfortable nightguard, we take impressions so the lab can create a precise fit for your appliance. This appointment is typically short, lasting 30 minutes or less.

At your second appointment, you’ll learn the easiest way to place and fit the nightguard, and your dentist checks to ensure the fit will be comfortable. This appointment typically lasts just 15-30 minutes.

Stop grinding and sleep better with a custom nightgaurd. Contact Downtown Dental Group to get started today.