Our Mission

Our practice and our philosophy present us with a golden opportunity to improve the lives of our patients through dentistry.

Our standards of care are uncompromising as they are based on excellence of quality.

Our goal is to establish lifelong, valued relationships with all of our patients. Together we can journey towards optimum oral health.

To our patients

Our mission statement refers to a journey toward optimum oral health. Our definition of “optimum oral health” and yours may differ. It is our goal to see the definitions come together. This is what we refer to as the journey toward optimum oral health, which centers around a relationship between our patients and ourselves. We place very high value upon this relationship and think of it as life long.

Our trip together must begin with a complete examination and with this we can begin to assess your dental health. The process of the examination as well as the review of your needs will enable us to come together as we define your individual “optimum oral health” by preparing a master treatment plan.

Our practice is unique, and because of this, we strive to achieve the highest level of oral health with our patients. We accomplish this by working together with our patients establishing a “co-management” model for treatment decisions and delivery of care. We enlighten our patients with the knowledge needed to enable them to take an active role in their oral health decisions. We believe the more involved our patients are with their oral health decisions the healthier they become.

To your health…