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Ashley Linsmeyer

Dental AssistantWorking at DDG since 2021 - From Green Bay, WI

Ashley Linsmeyer, Dental Assistant with Downtown Dental Group, began working in dentistry after being in Veterinary Medicine. She realize she wanted to work with people more and was drawn to the notion of helping people smile and made her excited about work every day!  Her favorite memory at DDG helping the former staff member Rebecca come up with the nickname “Roxy”, which ended up fitting perfectly! We still predict that one day we will hear from Rebecca and she will tell us her legal name is now Roxy.

When not making people smile, you can find Ashley fishing in the warmer months and bowling in the colder ones.

Hey Ashley, how much should one bowling game cost?
Ten pinnies.

Something Ashley wants patients to know is that the patients’ happiness and safety during their visits is a top concern of hers. She wants everyone to have a smile they love! Speaking of love, presents are her love language so feel free to drop by the office to say HI to everyone and bring Ashley a good present!

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