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Melissa Sears

Dental Hygienist Working at DDG since 2022 - From Beattie, KS

Melissa was drawn to dentistry because she like to work with her hands and complete details tasks, which makes her perfect for Dental Hygiene. she is easy-going and down to earth so the opportunity to build relationships with her patients who may have a fear of dentistry.

Her favorite memory of the DDG Family was at the lake when the whole team got together. It gave her the chance to get to know her new coworkers and their families. When she isn’t at work she is flower gardening, taking photos of birds, and traveling! She loves spending time with her husband Philip, dog -Mortimer, and 2 cats -Schmidt and Gretchen Weiners. The best way to win her over is to tell her a story about a pet. 


“It does not matter if it has been 6 months or 20 years since their last dental appointment because what matters is that they are here today. No judgment because no one is perfect!”

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