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Michaela Clossen

Michaela Closson

Business AdministratorWorking at DDG since 2003 - From Elkhart, KS

Michaela loves her relationships with her patients. During her time at DDG, she has developed such strong relationships with her patients that many of them are like family right now.

Her favorite memory of the DDG Family was at the lake because the team at DDG is not just a group of coworkers to her, she loves getting to know them and their families and building true and lasting friendships with each person. When she isn’t at work she is chasing after her son who is active in sports, which she loves to watch! Her parents retired in Manhattan, so she also gets to see them all the time. If you want to win her over bring her some chocolate or donuts!

“My patients are my sunshine! I love them to the moon and back!”

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