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Nikki Modean

Niki Modean

Insurance Coordinator.Working at DDG since 2016 - From Holdrege, NE

Niki Modean, Insurance Coordinator with Downtown Dental Group, was drawn to working in dentistry after being a patient for many years. Once given the opportunity to work in the front office, she found her perfect place. She enjoys the people she works with as they feel like family. Her favorite memory at DDG was the Christmas party bus ride. Ask her about it the next time you’re in the office. Something you might not know about Niki is that she and her husband have built multiple homes for themselves. Not subcontracted. They have BUILT homes! When Niki is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and pets, and completing projects around the house. Something Niki wants patients to know is at the Downtown Dental Group, we treat our patients like family!

If you want to win over bring in donuts or cheesecake!

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