Downtown Dental is simply exceptional in all aspects of care, from the warm welcoming vibe to the attentive, expert and up-to-date service. The entire staff is committed to their patients and go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. The place is so outstanding that I am willing to drive 5 hours for dental work. Hands down the best in the area!!


I feel so fortunate that I am a new client of Dan Winter at Downtown Dental Group. I had not been to a dentist in a few years, due to bad experiences. From the first time I spoke to Gretchen, to the kindness of the receptionist when I arrived. Including the assistants and hygienist, I was always treated with the utmost respect and honesty. Dan and everyone fully explained everything to me and in terms I could understand. They made me feel very comfortable and I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who is searching for a great dentist.

Randy L.

Today was my first experience with Downtown Dental Group. I called to make an appointment this morning and spoke to Michaela. Not only was she super friendly and helpful on the phone, she was also able to get me in for a same day appointment. From the minute I walked in, Michaela and Ali were so welcoming and friendly. They instantly made me feel at ease in knowing I’d chosen the right office to come to. Jan was the hygienist I had the pleasure of seeing today, and she was so sweet and comforting. She made sure to ask if dentists offices usually made me nervous (they don’t, but it was wonderful of her to check). I made the appointment because I had been experiencing some discomfort in a crown on one of my teeth, and Jan took such great care not to cause any additional pain or discomfort while helping me. Every single person I came in contact with in the office was amazing. They all seemed so pleased to be there and to be in the company of the patients that were being seen. When it was time to visit with the dentist, Dr. Winter sat in the chair next to me and greeted me like an old friend. He was funny, welcoming, and seemed genuinely interested in my answers to the casual questions he asked. The exam itself was very thorough, I found myself noticing certain things they did and took note of that I’ve honestly never had a dentist pay attention to before. I couldn’t recommend this place highly enough. I left feeling wonderfully and have had no discomfort or pain at all since! Thank you Downtown Dental!

Morgan B.

What excellent customer service! This group is extremely competent! No dental issues at all since we began with them 15 years ago! They are super to work with and so accommodating!

Karen D.

This is the best dentist in Manhattan, KS! Dr. Winter is so kind and compassionate. He does a great job, as I had a terrible experience at another dentist in town. So much so that all the positive dental experiences in my childhood (same dentist for 20 years) were erased and replaced with anxiety. Dr. Winter and the staff have helped me come up with a treatment plan (I have/had a lot of work that needed done), they make sure I know my cost up front, ahead of time, as well as how to fit into my insurance. They are always prompt and on time, and the one time I had to wait, they gave me a write off on some of the cost. Compassion with customer service! They also have tv’s, etc for each patient. And I get to see the same hygienist each time. It’s all about relationship building here. And every time you send them a new patient, they’ll donate to your favorite local charity! 😀 Everyone that works there is awesome, especially Ali and Makayla (sorry if I spelled that wrong)! Seriously, I can’t recommend these people enough!

Erin B.

Strongly recommend Downtown Dental. They are friendly, professional and wonderful with children. Glad I made the switch.

Stephanie O.

Best dental experience I’ve ever had. I’m 60 and a mental case about getting shots and grinding. So bad I get cleanings every 3 months to reduce chance of cavities.

Why DDG?

1) Consistently excellent hygienist (Laura), 
2) Dr. Winter, and his DA Becca, just did my 1st ever pain free crown.Truly!
3) Front desk ladies are delightful.

Trust me If you are looking go here!

Darrell P.

Coming from someone who’s scared of dentists, these people are AMAZING! Dr Winter took the time to explain things more than anybody else I’ve ever seen, he acknowledged skittishness in a professional caring manner. The staff,from hygienist to front desk, are friendly and helpful. SO happy I found this place!

Charise P.