This is the best dentist in Manhattan, KS! Dr. Winter is so kind and compassionate. He does a great job, as I had a terrible experience at another dentist in town. So much so that all the positive dental experiences in my childhood (same dentist for 20 years) were erased and replaced with anxiety. Dr. Winter and the staff have helped me come up with a treatment plan (I have/had a lot of work that needed done), they make sure I know my cost up front, ahead of time, as well as how to fit into my insurance. They are always prompt and on time, and the one time I had to wait, they gave me a write off on some of the cost. Compassion with customer service! They also have tv’s, etc for each patient. And I get to see the same hygienist each time. It’s all about relationship building here. And every time you send them a new patient, they’ll donate to your favorite local charity! 😀 Everyone that works there is awesome, especially Ali and Makayla (sorry if I spelled that wrong)! Seriously, I can’t recommend these people enough!

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