Meet The Team in Manhattan, KS

Dr. Juliana Hall

Working at DDG since 2021 – From Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dr. Hall is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and moved to the United States at the age of 14, where she resided in Dallas, TX. She received her bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Dallas and her dental degree from the Creighton School of Dentistry in Omaha, NE. After graduation, she married Omaha native John Hall and moved to Manhattan for John to attend Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Hall provided dental services at Salina Family Healthcare Center in Salina while John attended Veterinary School. Upon completion of his program, they moved to Woodbine, IA where Dr. Hall practiced with a general dentistry group. Dr. Hall offers patients caring dental services performed with the same degree of excellence you have come to expect from Downtown Dental Group.

Dr. Daniel M. Winter of Downtown Dental Group

Dr. Daniel M. Winter

Working at DDG since 1988- From Arvada, CO

Born and raised in Arvada, Colorado, Dr. Winter received his dental degree with honors from the University of Colorado. Dr. Winter completed a general practice residency at the Charity Hospital of New Orleans in conjunction with Louisiana State University School of Dentistry. He maintains active staff privileges at Mercy Regional Health Center. Additionally, he’s the founder and director of the Center for Dental Sleep Medicine in Manhattan, KS.

Dr. Winter has been awarded fellow status in The American Association of Hospital Dentists, The Academy of General Dentistry, and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Dr. Winter is also a diplomat to the American Board of Forensic Odontology.

Kendra Metzger

Dental Hygienist

Working at DDG since 2008 – From Great Bend, KS

Kendra Metzger is a Dental Hygienist with 10 years of experience at Downtown Dental Group. After years of building relationships with patients, she looks forward to watching families grow and providing care for several multigenerational families.

She enjoys building relationships with her patients and has fond memories of a Christmas party murder mystery with her coworkers. Kendra was drawn to the healthcare profession in high school. Her family enjoys spending time at the library, zoo, Discovery Center, and skiing in the mountains and on the lake. Kendra has a sweet tooth and enjoys the nostalgia of local coffee shops and watching KU basketball.

Something Kendra would like her patients to know is that oral health is truly the gateway to an overall healthy body.

Michael Gilliam

Dental Hygienist

Working at DDG since 2021 – From Council Grove, KS

Michael was drawn to healthcare from an early age when he discovered that dentistry was an excellent outlet to educate and serve others and improve their confidence by helping them achieve their perfect smile.

His favorite memory of the DDG Family is more of a daily occurrence. He loves that the team at DDG is committed to their patients, and provides them with the highest level of respect and care. When he isn’t working he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, they are his world. He also enjoys fishing, archery, golf, and carpentry. If you are trying to win Michael over, bring him an apple pie!

“I would like my patients to know that I get tremendous satisfaction interacting with them. I am always looking forward to seeing you again.”

Jessica Vogelsberg

Dental Hygienist

Working at DDG since 2021 – From Kinsley, KS

After falling in love with dentistry in high school, Jessica developed a passion for creating a bond with her patients while getting to know their families better through proper oral healthcare.

Her favorite memory of the DDG Family is flying down Dr. Winter’s slide at the DDG family lake day! When she isn’t at work, she’s hanging out with her animals, riding 4-wheelers, fishing, or making crafts with her Cricut. The best way to win her over is through her dogs, or by telling her a funny story about dogs in general.

She wants her patients to know that their mouths are the gateway to their bodies, and their overall health needs to maintain good oral health.

Michaela Closson

Business Administration

Working at DDG since 2003 – From Elkhart, KS

Michaela loves her relationships with her patients. During her time at our practice, she has developed strong relationships with patients, many of whom are like family now.

She loves getting to know her coworkers and their families to build true and lasting friendships with each person. When she isn’t at work, she’s chasing after her son who is active in sports, which she loves to watch! Her parents retired in Manhattan, KS, so she also gets to see them all the time. If you want to win her over, bring her some chocolate or donuts!

“My patients are my sunshine! I love them to the moon and back!”

Niki Modean

Business Administrator

Working at DDG since 2016 – From Nebraska

Niki Modean, the Insurance Coordinator with Downtown Dental Group, was drawn to working in dentistry after being a patient at the practice for many years. Once given the opportunity to work in the front office, she found her perfect place. Her favorite memory at DDG was the Christmas party bus ride. Ask her about it the next time you’re in the office. Something you might not know about Niki is that she and her husband have built– not subcontracted– multiple homes for themselves. When Niki isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her family and pets and completing projects around the house. Something Niki wants patients to know is at the Downtown Dental Group, we treat our patients like family!

If you want to win her over, bring in donuts or cheesecake!

Tracy Akin

Dental Assistant

Working at DDG since 2019 – From Henderson, Kentucky

Tracy always wanted to help make people smile, so dentistry was the obvious career choice!

Her favorite DDG memory is when she lost her pants in the OR, which is a long story and you should ask her about it next time you see her! When she isn’t at work she is hanging out with her family of three boys and hubs or with her friends either camping, fishing, or shopping. The best way to win her over is to make her laugh!

“Nobody cries in my presence alone”

Ana Salazar

Dental Assistant

Working at DDG since 2023 – From Mexico

Ana is from Mexico and was drawn to working in dentistry because she loves helping people achieve beautiful smiles. Her favorite memory at Downtown Dental Group is the Christmas party. When Ana is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family and her two dogs, Chewy and Poppy. To win Ana over, making her laugh and offering good food is the best approach. Ana wants her patients to know that everyone is welcome and their feelings matter in the dental chair at DDG.

Rebecca Buckelew

Dental Assistant

Working at DDG since 2021 – From Mississippi

Rebecca has a knack and love for helping patients overcome their dental anxiety so that they have a comfortable and relaxing experience. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her dog and husband down at the lake.

Rebecca’s favorite moment at DDG was getting to ride Dr. Winter’s motorcycle! If you want to make her day extra special, she loves some fresh lemonade or sour candy. You will also catch her going all-out for Christmas every year.

Montanna Kinart

Dental Assistant

Working at DDG since 2023 – From Grand Island, NE

Montanna started here at DDG in November, 2023 and has since grown a passion for using her own dental experience to help empathize with patients. She also is a quick learner and enjoys training on the new technology in our office.

Montanna recently helped get the office through a power outage while working with others having to hold flashlights! A little secret about her is that her ability to empathize with patients comes from the fact that she gets anxious being a patient herself. When she’s not working, she enjoys lifting weights, doing yoga, hiking, and spending time with her daughter. A nice way to win her over is to share some good food and sweets.

Sophia Rethman

Shadowing Doctor Candidate at K State

Working at DDG since 2022 – From Emporia, KS

Sophia thinks the first thing people see when they look at you is your smile, and a healthy smile adds confidence. So she wants to help your smile shine a little brighter!

Her favorite memory of the DDG Family is when a coworker told her about a funny work experience. We love to laugh here at DDG. She’s a student at K-State who helps us keep the practice running smoothly. So when she isn’t at the office, she’s studying to get into dental school one day. She loves chocolate, so don’t forget to bring some in the next time you come to see us.

She wants her patients to know she can’t whistle!