Complete & Partial Dentures in Manhattan, KS

Simple & Effective Restoration: Complete and Partial Dentures

Not every patient can or should undergo implant placement, which presents a dilemma. How can patients get the smile they want without implants? Fortunately, at Downtown Dental Group, our Manhattan dentists have a solution for you.

Modern complete and partial dentures are better made than ever and offer a simple, affordable, and effective solution for smile restoration. Keep reading to learn more about complete and partial dentures and how they can help restore your smile.

What Are Complete And Partial Dentures?

Complete dentures are the most traditional form of dentures. They’re made of artificial teeth designed to match your natural smile, which is set into a gum-colored base. This base, usually made of acrylic, rests on your gums and uses suction and adhesives to remain in place.

Partial dentures are also false teeth inlaid into a gum-colored base, except they only replace a few teeth in an arch and use your surrounding teeth for support. This is accomplished with metal hooks that latch onto the teeth around the space left by the missing teeth. These teeth are often referred to as anchor teeth and help secure the partial denture.

Benefits of Complete and Partial Dentures

  • Simple – Complete and partial dentures are easy to use.
  • Removable – Both complete and partial dentures are easy to remove without professional help.
  • Affordable – Complete and partial dentures are more affordable than implant restorations and fixed bridges.
  • Effective Smile Enhancement – Complete and partial dentures restore the form and function of your smile, improving your appearance, your speech, and your bite.
  • Supports Your Facial Muscles – Losing teeth often means your facial muscles lack support, which can lead to sagging in your face and premature wrinkles. Complete and partial dentures restore that support, helping to prevent premature wrinkles.

Qualifying For Complete and Partial Dentures

You may be wondering if you qualify for smile restoration with complete and partial dentures. Complete and partial dentures are most often recommended for patients who:

  • Are missing one or more teeth
  • Have dental damage that can’t be repaired
  • Can’t undergo implant placement
  • Want a simple, affordable solution to tooth loss
  • Want better dentures than the ones they currently have

What To Expect From Complete and Partial Dentures

Initial Consultation

Before one of our restorative dentists approves you for treatment with complete or partial dentures, they’ll have you undergo an initial consultation. During your initial consultation, your restorative dentist will evaluate your oral health by providing a dental exam, and make note of how many teeth you’ve lost.

They’ll also take X-rays of your smile, review your medical history and ask you about your smile goals. This information will allow your restorative dentist to determine which denture solution is right for you.


If you opt for complete dentures and have remaining teeth, your restorative dentist will extract these to ensure there’s enough room for your complete dentures. If you choose partial dentures, no extraction will be necessary.


If your restorative dentist approves you for denture solutions, they’ll take impressions of your jaws and any remaining teeth. This appointment lasts about 30 minutes.

Wax Rims

Based on the impressions from the first appointment, a restorative dental technician creates a set of wax rims, which represent your dentures’ bases. These rims are fitted in your mouth and measurements for a bite and tooth placement are made to help the technician create a lifelike prosthesis. This appointment lasts about an hour.

Wax Try-In

A wax replica of your dentures is fitted, and you and your restorative dentist evaluate the look of the teeth, including shape and color. Changes are noted and sent back to the technician for updates. This appointment takes 30-60 minutes.

Wax Final

Changes from the previous appointment are incorporated into a second wax denture. These are tried on and, if approved, we give the technician the go-ahead to produce your final denture solution. This appointment typically takes 30 minutes.

Denture Fitting

Your final dentures arrive and your restorative dentist makes several minor adjustments to perfect the fit and comfort level. This appointment lasts about 30 minutes.

Additional Adjustments

After wearing your dentures for 48 to 72 hours, you’ll return to our Manhattan, KS office for additional adjustments to improve their fit and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Complete And Partial Dentures For Simple, Effective Restoration

Thanks to complete and partial dentures, you can more easily and affordably restore your smile. Downtown Dental Group’s complete and partial denture solutions can help you smile your best, so you can look and feel your best too. Our experienced restorative dentists offer complete and partial denture solutions to patients from our home location of Manhattan, KS, and surrounding areas such as Riley, Zeandale, and St. George, KS.

If you’re interested in learning more about complete and partial dentures, contact Downtown Dental Group by dialing (785) 776-0097. You can also request an appointment by clicking the button below and one of our friendly team members will get back to you shortly.

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