Judge Free Dentist

Judge Free Dentist

Did you know that the number one searched term for dentists is “Will my dentist judge me?”  We want to address this fear head on and reassure you that we are here to provide high quality oral healthcare, judge free. We are here for everyone, regardless of any other factor.

Dental Anxiety

You are not alone in your dental anxiety!  Whatever the cause of your dental anxiety is, it is not uncommon. We are aware that there is a large population that suffers from dental anxiety which can induce a fear of judgement. This cycle of feelings commonly leads to patients avoiding the dental care that they need and deserve. Because of this, their oral condition can continue to decline.  They may begin to avoid smiling, talking, and laughing so that others do not see their teeth. That’s no way to go through life.

Fear of Judgement

There are numerous people who avoid going to a dentist due to a fear of being judged.

A few reasons people might feel like they will be judged are:

  • Going extended periods of time without cleanings
  • An odor in their mouth
  • Tooth decay
  • Distrust in dentists
  • Sensitive teeth and gums
  • Fear of dental tools
  • Thinking they might not be able to afford needed dental work

Express Your Fears and Concerns

Open communication can help our dental staff put you at ease by giving them an opportunity to address your concerns.  We promise that we are not here to judge or shame you.  We are here to help you work through your fears with the goal of helping you achieve the best oral health possible.  The more we understand your situation, the more prepared we are to present options for moving forward.

Moving Forward

Once we know your specific situation and circumstances, we can develop a plan for moving you forward with confidence.  Our staff will take care of you in a judgement free manner, guiding you towards healthier practices.  Regardless of what got you where you are, you deserve to be professionally taken care of. We care about your feelings and strive to provide a comforting environment where you can come and feel welcomed and understood.

Our staff has seen the complete spectrum of oral health cases and take pride in taking each case on with compassion.  We are here to help you overcome your fears and embarrassment so that you can smile freely and confidently.  Getting back in the dentists’ chair can be a vulnerable experience.  Trust us when we say we are here for you. 

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