Cavities & Fillings

Sometimes even with regular brushing, scheduled hygiene appointments and dental sealants, teeth decay. Although we work to eliminate tooth decay, you’re likely to become one of the 91 percent of adults over the age of 20 that have a cavity.

Cavity Filling – What To Expect

Because every filling appointment is unique, your appointment can take anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes. After applying a local anesthetic, your dentist removes decayed material, and replaces the area with a filling. Different materials are available for your filling:

  • Tooth-colored resin: Also known as composite filling, tooth-colored resin fillings’ color is matched to blend seamlessly with the color of your natural enamel. It typically allows your dentist to remove less of your natural tooth. Patients also choose them for cosmetic reasons, and they can be expected to last five to seven years, if not placed on a chewing surface that undergoes stress.
  • Amalgam: Traditional metal amalgam fillings are more noticeable in your mouth, but they’re also more durable. They’re more affordable upfront, and can be expected to last 10 to 15 years before they need to be replaced.

After receiving a cavity filling, sensitivity is normal in the treated area. Give your tooth a few days to adjust to its new surface before calling Downtown Dental Group for a follow-up appointment.

Ready to stop the pain and preserve your existing tooth? Don’t delay scheduling your filling appointment. Start today.